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Our roots are firmly established in the Carolinas. We are family-owned and family-run, and we strive to work with those who can say the same. Our restaurants are inspired by the seasons and by the ever-evolving traditions that make up Southern cuisine.

Most of all, they are inspired by our guests.


Jon is the cultural guru of RRH. He makes a stranger family and makes family feel strange. His philosophy is based on some very basic tenets that remain true to this day:

Take care of the guest, have fun and make money. It is simply, family first. Do business with strangers as if they were brothers. After loyalty comes ability, skill and competence. Promote only able people and find them by testing them.


Jon is a proud Penn State undergraduate and earned an MBA-Finance from University of Texas-Dallas. Jon started in the restaurant business washing dishes at the age of 16 and has never forgotten his roots.  Busing tables, serving, managing and now owning a string of successful ventures. Jon is very proud of the long term relationships he enjoys with team members.


Jon is an avid golfer and loves all Philadelphia sports teams. When he is not working on his handicap or rooting for his favorite teams, he is busy idolizing his wife or dealing with his brash and sassy children.

‘THE BOSS', Owner

Kim Dressler is the driving design force behind all of the RRH concepts. Her vision, tastes, color pallets and style are on display in all of the restaurants. So much so that she is known as The Decorator.


Schooled at University of Maryland, she has an extensive hotel background, prior to working at Morton’s. At Morton’s, she met the love of her life (well, her current love and husband). In 2003, they embarked on their signature Dressler’s Restaurant in Birkdale Village.


Kim is the proud mother of two and her third child, her doting husband of 25 years. Kim and Jon were married in Pinehurst on a magically hot weekend. She claims it was the best day of her life.


Kim has not been directly involved in the restaurant operations for some time, devoting her time to being one of the caring and most giving people known to mankind.

director of operations

Tim serves as Director of Operations for Rare Roots and along with Chef Scott and the Dressler Family, he continues to help push the group forward.  Tim has been a part of all of the Rare Roots projects thus far and has visions of many more to come.


Raised in the mountains of NC, Tim started his hospitality industry life in the Berkshires of MA. Tim became general  manager of Pearl’s Restaurant in Great Barrington, MA when he was 20 yrs old.  Pearl’s garnered regional  attention from the Boston Globe as well as national attention from Travel & Leisure, Architecture Digest,  and others. Tim spent 4 years as wine director/floor manager at Capital Grille in  uptown Charlotte before returning to the fold and becoming the general manager at Dressler’s Metropolitan.


He lives with his beautiful better half, Ericka Faye, two boys Wylie and Porter, as well as dogs Disco and Larry.

'THE BEAR', executive chef

Executive Chef Scott Hollingsworth was raised in Cornelius, NC. He inherited a passion for food from his mother at a very early age. Scott has been working in Lake Norman and Charlotte area restaurants for more than 25 years.


His commitment to quality, freshness, and creative presentation drew him to Dressler’s Restaurant in October of 2005. Scott has been married to Rhonda since 2001. His interests include his beloved Washington Commanders, fishing, and his dog.

beverage director

Brittany Kellum, better known as ’BK’, was born and raised in Jacksonville, North Carolina, she discovered her love for mixology while studying at UNC Charlotte. During her college years she began working at Dressler’s Metropolitan, one of the RRH’s OG ventures.  In 2014, BK joined the opening team at Dogwood Southern Table & Bar, where she truly found a passion for mixing drinks and the hospitality behind it. In 2017, she made her way upstream to Fin & Fino where she took on the role of bar manager and Front Woman of ‘BK & the Clams’.

BK is a prominent figure in Charlotte's cocktail scene, known for her innovative and evolving menus. With 10 exceptional menu iterations under her belt, she has consistently shaped the industry and delighted cocktail enthusiasts in Charlotte. In her own words, BK expresses her passion, saying, “I love sharing a different experience with our guests, from the first sip to the last bite. I’m constantly striving to bring new and exciting libations to the table.”

In 2023, she made significant contributions to the bar programs at two of our latest ventures: Dressler’s Improv Kitchen at Middle C Jazz Club and Chapter 6. Impressively, she secured her third nomination as 'Charlotte Mixologist of the Year' at the UPPY awards, a remarkable achievement considering she had already clinched the title in 2021.

Presently, BK proudly serves as Rare Roots Hospitality’s Beverage Director. In this role, she is dedicated to fostering the culture within RRH, supporting her peers, and curating diverse programs for all to enjoy.

executive chef

Charlotte native Jonathan Cox loves adventuring and it shows.  From a stint in a Michelin 2 star restaurant in Vico, Italy, to backpacking through Europe, to the dishes he constructs at Fin and Fino, Jonny knows how to grab attention on the plate- and keep it.

His commitment to creating a positive kitchen culture featuring fantastic dishes that are both simple and honest is his focus- as well as putting aside pride and continuing to learn.

From his beginnings with Rare Roots at Dressler’s Metro, to time spent in Italy, to his position as Executive Chef at Dogwood and now at Fin & Fino, Chef Jonny is always looking for the next adventure.

director of events 

Ally Moder-Kraft is the Director of Events at Rare Roots Hospitality. Originally from Ohio, she moved to North Carolina in 2011. Her career in the hospitality industry has flourished over the years, reflecting her growing expertise and passion. With a decade of experience at the company, she has led the events team for the last five years, focusing on creating uniquely memorable and flawlessly executed events.


Outside of work, Ally is happily married to her husband, Toma, and they have been together for over three years. They are the proud parents of a Labrador Retriever named Bubba Fisher Moder-Kraft, affectionately called Fishy. The family enjoys a vibrant life filled with love and adventure in North Carolina.


Ally values spending quality time with her family and friends, embracing every opportunity to make lasting memories. Her commitment to excellence and her warm, dedicated approach make every event at Rare Roots Hospitality exceptionally special.

Director of Events and Business Development

Ally Dressler, the daughter of Kim and Jon Dressler, brings a vibrant energy and a deep passion for food and hospitality to the Rare Roots family. She is a proud graduate of the University of Georgia with a major in advertising and a business minor. Growing up in the hospitality industry, Ally's journey has always been intertwined with the culinary world.

Since joining the team in 2023, she has worked alongside her mom, Kim, to bring beautiful design and interior decor to the newest concepts. She has also been a driving force behind the scenes, infusing creativity and enthusiasm into special events operations at the Porter’s House, Chapter 6 and Middle C Jazz Club. Ally is also following in her father’s footsteps in the accounting world and business side of Rare Roots Hospitality. With her dedication and keen eye for detail, Ally continues to play a crucial role in shaping the company's vision and success.

Ally enjoys spending her free time with friends and family. She has a passion for cooking and exploring the food scene in Charlotte and beyond.


When we say Rare Roots Hospitality is a "family-run business," we don't just mean that the Dressler family is all-hands-on-deck, though they certainly are. But we also mean that our entire team is one big, extended family.

We feel honored to celebrate 5 year, 10 year, and even 20 year anniversaries with many of our team members. It's rare luxury in the fast-paced hospitality industry that we attribute to our mentality that once you join Rare Roots, you are part of a family.


Ellis Lindsay
Hilary Demmitt
Annalisa Strom
Tiffany Dunn
Brenden Schafer
Jon Cox
Michele Clapsaddle

employee of the month

Josh McGill

Sous Chef at Dressler's

five or more years

Carlos Velasquez
Isaias Rivera
Arnulfo Lopez
Nick Stewart
Edith Stoops
Beth Landress
Zachary Matthews
Caleb Gonyer
Tiffany Latham
Kendon Corbett
Rosie Jinez
Miriam Jinez
Christopher Scoggins
Scott Brooks
Angela Laudicina
Mia Thompson
Jennifer Richie
Rebecca Tamea
Surron Bass
Tiffanny Dunn
Chris Culp
Andrew Schultz
Ryan Coleman
Silent Tom Hite
Gemy Jarjour
Schuyler Rainville-Pond
Bradley Saul-Langford
Alex Nelson
Tonya Escoffery
Travis Holifield

ten or more years

Jenaro Velasquez
Ally Moder-Kraft
Scott Platt
Julian Velasquez
Miguel Velasquez
Ramon Velasquez
Gabino Velazquez
Kevin McNamara
Scott Hollingsworth
Tim Buchanan
Eloy Guzman
Manuel Guillen
Kurt Kochersperger
Saul Moreno
Joshua McGill
Michael Johnson
Julio Vasquezcruz
Jo An Cook
Charlene Rice
Chris Alderman
Terri Jones
Brittany Kellum
Andrew Brady
Michele Clapsaddle
Kent Voss
Brian Lorusso
Jonathan Williford

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